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Los Angeles Indoor Air Quality Services

Reliable Solutions for Your Home and Business

Are you worried about airborne pathogens in your indoor spaces? Do dust, dander, and pollen continue to aggravate your allergies even in the safety of your own home. Do you want to ensure that your business has proper airflow and humidity levels? Turn to GAMA Air for the solutions! Our Los Angeles indoor air quality team offers a full array of residential and commercial products and services that can fine-tune and safeguard your indoor climate.

Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Indoor Environment

GAMA Air offers a variety of indoor air quality solutions that can be mixed and matched to meet the unique needs of your home or business. Our residential and commercial climate control experts can help you find the right customized system to get you your desired results.

Our indoor air quality products and services include:

  • Home air purifiers
  • Furnace or heat pump humidifiers
  • Home ventilation systems
  • Central dehumidifiers
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Zone control systems
  • Whole-home and commercial duct cleaning
  • And more!

Learn more about everything GAMA Air can do to improve your indoor air quality by calling our Los Angeles office at (323) 655-6126 today!

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Cold Plasma Generators (CPG) from Phenomenal Aire

Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generators (CPG) is our latest innovative air quality management solution that complements any commercial or residential HVAC system. CPG has already been effectively utilized in countless medical and office buildings, schools, cigar bars and lounges, hotels, resorts and casinos, and all types of retail stores. It was originally designed to eliminate VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), allergens, smoke, and other odors as they enter the premises. 

CPG devices are continuing to gain popularity, and have become an especially popular choice for casinos, where smoking is permitted and common, and the results have been very successful. This is the only effective air scrubber device in the market that is also made small enough to specifically fit into smaller AC and heating systems, as well as larger ones for much larger applications. There are also even smaller CPG devices that can fit into Mini-Split or Ductless HVAC systems as well. 

What Makes CPG’s So Extraordinary?

  • CPG does not use UV Bulbs. UV Bulbs must be replaced at least once a year as they can lose their effectiveness over time.
  • CPG does not create Ozone like UV Bulbs do. Ozone is harmful when used indoors and many people are allergic to Ozone.
  • CPG does not require any major maintenance except for an Ion Probe simple cleaning once a year if the system is used a lot.
  • CPG releases specialized ions into your air that disinfect any surface they touch, killing 99% of any new virus entering the premises, cutting the cost of disinfection, raising ROI, and eliminating 99% of contagious viruses.  A UV bulb will only eliminate 99% of pathogens in the air that passes through it, which is only in the ductwork. 
  • CPG eliminates fresh cigar or cigarette smoke, which UV bulbs DO NOT.
  • CPG is certified to eliminate 99% of COVID-19 Viruses, which most UV bulbs cannot claim.
  • CPG can be installed in all HVAC applications, whereas UV bulbs cannot.
  • CPG is effective to remove bacteria and mold in your ductwork, whereas UV bulbs can only remove the bacteria and Mold visible to the UV light.
  • CPG is not harmful at all, whereas UV bulbs can harm human skin and eyes.

Protect your home or business from all kinds of airborne threats today – call (323) 655-6126 or contact GAMA Air online today for pricing, additional information, and scheduling!