The Daily Grind…

Unless you are on vacation, you are most likely involved in your daily grind.  You know what I mean – it’s the things you do each day, each week and each year forever and ever on end. They are the things we must do to keep going; keep our jobs, our homes, our families, etc., but if we don’t have a break from our daily grind every so often, we get burned out. We no longer have the desire to perform the way we need to – to be efficient and effective in our everyday lives – and when that happens, everything goes downhill.

Guess what? The same thing happens with the equipment in our homes, in particular our heating systems. If each day, year after year, it does its thing of working to keep us warm, but is never checked on or “refreshed,” it cannot continue to perform properly. It will stop being effective and efficient and will start to break down. We all know bad things happen when heating systems start to break down. If you want to avoid the daily grind wearing down your system and costly repairs that are sure to come afterwards, read “The Brunt of the Boiler.”

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