Walking the Walk

It is common to hear people talking the talk, but most of us wait around to see if they actually walk the walk. In my experience, it can be easier to do the talking than the walking and that applies to most anything in life.

You can tell yourself and anyone else who will listen how you are going to start dieting today and that salad is on the menu, but when lunchtime comes, it is much harder to actually eat the salad when a big juicy cheeseburger is going to taste way better.

The same goes for our homes. We all say we are going to take care of things, keep things up, not let things get run down, but when it comes to actually maintaining everything, we run out of time or sometimes money or just forget about it altogether.

What happens when you forget to maintain your furnace? Everything – and none of it is good news for you.

Like all equipment, your home heating system works hard during the cold months to keep you warm. The less it is maintained, the harder it has to work and the more money you spend on energy bills. You will also spend a lot more money on a major repair than you would by simply maintaining the system and dealing with small repairs when they arise.

It also has the potential to let carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas, harmful to anyone who breathes it) build up in your home. Anything that uses gas has this same potential, so it is very important to keep these things on a maintenance schedule.

To learn more about the importance of maintaining your furnace or to schedule an appointment for a technician to look at your system, contact us here. We are committed to helping our customers avoid enormous repair bills by doing yearly maintenance.

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