The Easiest Way to Save Money I’ve Ever Seen… is about to end

You save or I pay. No kidding.

You know what they say, “There’s no business like slow business.”  Well, maybe that’s not what they say, but they would if they were in the heating and cooling business!

During this mild fall, we’ve done too much sitting! So has your furnace… since last winter! Even though we’ll both be in “high gear” soon, we can turn this downtime into good fortune for both of us.  Am I clear as mud so far?  Well, let me explain…

You probably already know the importance of keeping your heating and cooling system tuned.  Just like on your car, it saves you energy dollars and keeps things running smoothly. It can also help you avoid big repair bills. It’s just smart.

Unfortunately, many people go season after season, thinking, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  This can be costing you a small fortune. And not just in energy and repairs…

A system failure may be headed your way!  Research shows that lack of maintenance is the #1 cause of a system failure.  Have you budgeted the $3,000-$7,000 needed for a new system?  I promise, “saving money” by not getting a tune-up can be very costly!

Save your system, your money and repair hassles with a First-Priority Program. Our First-Priority Program gives you a 17-point seasonal tune-up for smooth, efficient running, plus a full system safety check to keep you healthy and safe. All for just $129.  Thousands of Los Angeles homeowners are already on this smart plan.

But don’t write that check yet!  During this mild weather, you can get an even better value:  The full tune-up and all its money-saving benefits can be yours for just $99! That’s nearly 25% off the regular price. And it’s not just a good “tune-up deal” either…

You get the tune-up, plus Priority Service, 15% parts discounts, free service reminders and peace of mind just to start.  All just $99. Plus one more thing…

Your Bottom-Line Guarantee: If you don’t save enough energy to cover the entire cost of a year’s PMA in the first 120 days, I’ll refund you the difference! It’s like getting your PMA free.  Is there a catch?  Yes.

You must act soon.  I figure we can serve another 52 First-Priority Program customers by November 30th (when we get real busy). Schedule yours soon and you’ll get everything I’ve offered in this letter.  After that, this offer ends.

Just fill out this quick form online, email us at or give us a call at (323) 655-6126 so you can start saving money with a GAMA central first-priority program. I told you it was easy. And it’s basically free. But it’ll soon be over. Schedule yours now.

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