Beware of HVAC Hacks!

Let’s admit it. We are all just a little nervous about inviting an unknown person into our home, even if we asked them to come to our house to check our HVAC system. And it is good to be cautious. After all, common sense tells us that not everyone can be trusted. So we wonder: Will they be honest? Will they respect my property? Will they do a good job? I hope you never have a bad experience in this regard, but some people have. They got a visit from… The HVAC Hack!

What is an ‘HVAC Hack’? It is a person who works in the HVAC industry, but has no real interest in it or any desire to do their job well; someone who lacks even the most basic of fundamental skills but works in the trade for monetary gain alone. How can you identify one? Here are a few of the characteristics of these individuals:

  • An ability to replace countless parts on a unit without missing a beat, but still leaving it in operable
  • Lying
  • An increased level of skill that allows them to not only lie but to convincingly look the customer straight in the eye without blinking
  • A flair for telling tales and exciting stories, known in many circles as ‘bull’
  • Regular or recreational drug use
  • A knack for being be able to make any piece of HVAC equipment look ten years older than when they started working on it
  • The gift of gab, especially when it comes to trying to persuade you to pay for an expensive repair or replacement, while being vague about why
  • Self-delusion
  • A general lack of awareness that the customer has actually called their bluff

If you see any of these traits in a technician that is working in your home, you will be better off politely but firmly ending their visit. Then call their company’s office to respectfully complain. A good heating and air conditioning service company will make customer satisfaction a priority. Have you already paid them? Then they should address that issue. But even if you lose money this time, you have to think of the long term. We suggest that you read two of our previous blog posts “How do I know if I have a professional HVAC Service Tech at my home”, and “How do I choose the right residential HVAC Contractor”.

What you want to find is a company that doesn’t even have these types of technicians on their payroll. Any half-wit can buy a bunch of tools and hack their way through service calls. But when you call a service company and ask for help, you deserve to get a knowledgeable and honest professional that can skillfully perform work for which you will be grateful. You want to know that when you really need help, either repairing or replacing your system, that they will go out of their way to make you happy.

We want to be that company for you. Here at GAMA Air we guarantee your satisfaction. Of course no one is perfect, so if at any time you are not satisfied with how one of our technicians handled themselves in your home then please call us at (310) 651-6936. We don’t want any of our customers to be unsatisfied and will do our best to resolve any issue you have with our work. We guarantee it!

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