Filtering Out the Clutter

Our homes really know how to collect stuff, don’t they? The amount of stuff may be in proportion to the size of the family. But most of us, in one way or another, keep bringing more stuff into a home that can only hold so much.

That’s probably a reason “spring cleaning” never goes out of style. Everyone needs a time to clear away the clutter and give our home some breathing space. So we start tending to the areas that need attention in order to get our homes back in good working order.

If you’ll allow me to switch to a home comfort analogy here, I would say that what is true for your home is true for your air conditioning system. It collects clutter in the form of dust, dirt and airborne particles.

Fortunately, your AC has a filter that captures a lot of this kind of airborne clutter. But, please be aware, your filter can only hold so much. Changing it regularly is important for the efficiency of your system and for the quality of your indoor air.

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