5 things to check on your AC or Heater before calling for service

5 steps in 5 minutes may save you time, money and the hassle of going without air conditioning or heat

Check out the following 5 items in your home before calling a professional for Service: 

1. Has the Circuit Breaker been tripped?
Check the breaker in breaker box (aka. fuse box). If the breaker for your HVAC unit has tripped, reset the breaker. If it keeps on tripping, then the Air Conditioning or Heating unit should be looked at by an HVAC professional, for your safety and to prevent costly repairs to the unit.    

2. Did you check the switch or the power plug at the indoor unit, or the disconnect switch to the outdoor unit?
Indoor units have an on-off switch next to the furnace or the air handler unit (in the closet, the garage or in the attic).  Also, check the pig-tail wire and make sure it's securely connected to electric outlet next to this unit. Also, at the outdoor unit, there should be a disconnect switch which should be on or, as with the pull-out types, my not be in all the way or on "off" position. Be very careful as this switch is high-voltage electricity to the outdoor unit and is quite dangerous.

3. Is the gas meter turned on with your local utility provider? 
Did you just move into this house? Or ae you sure your Gas is active.  Check your gas-burning stove and if not turning on, call your local Gas Company. 

4. Have you checked the air filter or filters?
These filters should be replaced regularly.  Some homes have more than one, and we sometimes neglect the one or more them. If they’re not replaced regularly, the restriction of air can put pressure on the unit and cause it to fail.

5. Are there batteries in the thermostat?
If the thermostat display is blank, or thermostat is non-responsive, change the batteries. Most thermostat take 2 to 4 AA Batteries.

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