Help! I have No Heat in my Home!

t’s a freezing cold day and your heat system is not running. Not good. But don’t panic! There may be something simple that you can fix yourself. Don’t call a service company yet. First check the eight points below using the diagram shown here. To see a larger version of the picture, right click the image and choose ‘view image’ or ‘open in new tab’(And for related blog entries that may also be helpful to you, click the links below.) 

  1. Heat Pump – If you have a heat pump, check to see if the fan is running. If not, check to make sure that the switch on the wall next to it is turned on. Is the heat pump covered with ice or a very thick coating of frost? Then there is definitely a problem that needs the help of a service company.
  2. Furnace Shut-off Switch – It seems silly, but it might be turned off. Check it just to be sure.
  3. Air Filter – This is the most overlooked cause of problems that can be fixed by the homeowner. Change the air filter if it looks dirty. If it doesn’t look dirty but you know you haven’t changed it in a long time then check to be sure there isn’t another filter somewhere. There should only be one filter for your system. If there is no air filter at all, then there is likely a problem that needs the help of a service company.
  4. Fuel Valve – If you have a gas or oil furnace, check to make sure the main shut-off valve in the fuel line is open. If you find it closed, shut the power off to the furnace for a few minutes, open the gas valve, then turn the power back on to see if the furnace resets itself.
  5. Furnace Exhaust Pipe – All gas or oil burning furnaces have an exhaust pipe. Make sure it didn’t get disconnected. Then check where it comes out of your house. Is anything clogging it, like a dead animal or a bird’s nest? Clear it of any obstructions.
  6. Air Vents – Check all the air vents in your home. Make sure none of them are blocked. If you blocked some of them on purpose because you are trying to better distribute the air in your home, you could be causing a problem with the entire system. There are other ways to solve the problem of having hot or cold spots in your home, but an HVAC company will need to help with that.
  7. Hi-Efficiency Furnace Condensate Drain – High efficiency gas and oil furnaces produce moisture that has to drain out. If the drain tube is clogged then the furnace will shut down.
  8. Hi- Efficiency Furnace Supply Air & Exhaust Pipe – High efficiency gas and oil furnaces have one exhaust pipe for fumes to go out, and another for fresh air to come in. Make sure both of them are free of obstructions.

Going over this check list may save you from having to call a service company to come to the rescue. And what a feeling to be able to get your system going by yourself!

However, if you checked all the points above and still don’t have any heat in your home, then you need some help. But beware! Don’t call just anybody! You deserve to have a professional take care of this problem. Choose a company that will be there when you need them, and that will back up their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That’s what GAMA Air is all about! Please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want, you can use our online form to schedule a visitBut if it is an emergency, call us right away at (310) 651-6936!

If you have any questions, visit our Ask an Expert page and let us know how we can help!

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