The Most Accurate Weather Predictor in History Says “Summer 2014 May Set ‘off-the-charts’ Heat Records”

Over the past two-hundred twenty-one years, the Old Farmer’s Almanac has been one of THE most accurate weather predictors, bar none. So I take it VERY seriously when they say summer 2014 will deliver above average temperatures for nearly every part of the United States.” (Translation: It's going to be very hot!)

How to Really Beat the Heat. Make sure your cooling systems are in the best possible health now. Just like checking up on your car before a long road trip, your cooling equipment needs periodic maintenance (plus a couple of cooling ‘tricks’ that GAMA Central techs can perform) to help it run like new. And by the way, it’s MUCH less expensive to prevent problems than to fix ‘em once they’re broken. (Yes, I’d make more money if you waited, but that’s not the goal here!)

The time to prepare is BEFORE the heat. If you wait until everyone else does, you’re almost certain to have to “wait it out” until someone can get to you; PLUS, you’ll pay full-tilt prices. NO ONE will be discounting during peak demand.

For a limited time, you can get $245 of money-saving services for just $199

GAMA Central's $199 Summer Cooling Checkup, Tune-Up and Repair Offer:  (Doing this now will help prevent cooling system breakdowns and avoid “energy bill sticker shock.”)

Here’s just SOME of what we do for only $199:

  • Complete cleaning – dirt is the #1 cause of system failure.
  • Test air flow and check and recharge refrigerant.
  • Make sure the entire system is working properly and is tuned to manufacturer specifications.
  • PLUS… if any repairs are needed, we’ll make them right away AND chop 10% off the cost.

​Just fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at (323) 655-6126 to make your appointment. Don’t wait; because we can handle only a limited number of customers for this specially priced offer.

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