Why Your Air Conditioning System Needs Prep Work for Summer’s Long, Hot Run

If you’ve never jogged a mile in your life, how well do you think you’d do in a marathon? Could be a struggle, wouldn’t you expect? Maybe some huffing and puffing and conking out before the finish line?

Well, your air conditioning system is about to launch into a serious marathon through the summer months. And unless you want it to huff and puff and conk out before the cool temperatures return, you’d be wise to get your system ready. 

Great athletes know that they can’t jump into their sport of choice and take home gold medals just when it’s convenient. They’ve got to prepare for the long run. Similarly, your air conditioning system needs some prep work to make sure it’s ready for the endurance test it’s facing.  

After a very cold winter across the country, we’re heading into a really hot summer, and you can expect your air conditioning system to see heavy action during the scorching days ahead. Your best bet for preparation is preventive maintenance, which can help you detect potential problems before they occur – while also improving your system’s energy efficiency.

Without preventive maintenance, the odds increase that your air conditioning system will lose its strength as it works harder and harder each day. With preventive maintenance, you can save money on energy bills while also helping avoid inconvenient repairs and shortened equipment life.

What does prep work involve? Your check-up checklist will include checking refrigerant levels; inspecting and cleaning coils; checking and tightening electrical connections; oiling parts and motors; checking blowers and grilles for clear air flow; testing and calibrating your thermostat; and changing or cleaning air filters.

Because your systems are sealed for their protection and your safety, only professional service personnel should conduct this thorough annual service. We’d be honored to have you trust your system to us. Let us hear from you.

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