Are you Ready for the Heat Wave?

Summer is around the corner; and along with it the summer heat. From year to year it is hard to say exactly what the weather will be like, but you want to be ready. How can you stay cool, sipping your lemonade, during the next heat wave?

Humidity is a key factor to consider. The best humidity level for your indoor environment in the summer is less than 60%. So think about how your central air conditioner and its running time helps. When air conditioners are running a lot during a heat wave, people tend to think something must be wrong, that the unit is inefficient and not working properly. But that may not be true. During the summer your AC unit is not just cooling the temperature, it is also removing humidity from the air. So constant operation is something to welcome, not to lament.

Sadly, it is common practice for central air conditioning units to be installed based on a ‘rule of thumb’ which may result in a system that is 30 — 100% oversized. The idea sounds good: “blast the cold air throughout the house and get it cool quick!” But that assumption is contrary to how AC units are designed to keep your house comfortable.

Really the opposite is true. Oversized air conditioners cycle less frequently, remove less moisture, and waste energy. During that short burst of cool air very little humidity is removed. Then, during the “idle time” until it comes on again, indoor humidity levels continue to rise. What really will make you and your family feel uncomfortable, more than an elevated temperature in your home, is high humidity.

Starting in 2015, the federal government has implemented new minimum efficiency ratings on air conditioning units, and heat pumps. If your system is over 10 years old, then it probably had a 10 SEER rating when it was installed. Over time systems become less efficient, so the true current rating of your system could be 8 SEER or lower. Nowadays the least efficient system that can be purchased is 14 SEER in many parts of the country, although 13 SEER is still acceptable in some parts. Replacing your system can result in 35% or more in energy savings!

If you feel your system is oversized, or just not keeping you comfortable, give GAMA Air a call at (310) 651-6936, or use our online form to schedule a free, no obligation visit. We’ll be happy to show you your options for installing a new system.

However installing a new system is obviously a big investment. It may very well be worth it, and our qualified staff can help you decide. On the other hand, here are some simple tips that can help during the hottest days of the year:

Use a fan. Sound too simple? It works! Why? When you’re hot you sweat, even if it isn’t dripping down your face. Well, ceiling, floor and table fans cool your skin by speeding up the evaporation of your sweat. If the air is moving at about 350 feet per minute (fast enough to rustle papers on the table) then they can make you feel 4 to 8 degrees cooler than the temperature in the room.

What else? Don’t go away, we’ve got more simple, "Stay-Cool" tips coming up!

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