Summer’s Over! Let’s take a breather.

Well, that’s a wrap... another successful summer under our belts! It seems that the weather is becoming more erratic each year. And that’s kept us here at GAMA Air busy keeping your air conditioning working and you comfortable. This time of year is somewhat slower, so we’re going to take a breather and have a laugh. Why? Well... Why not?

So let’s salute (and laugh with) the hardworking technicians who have kept your central air system in top working order.

The AC technician came back in from the outside unit with his face swollen from bee stings and said:
“I think I’ve located the source of that buzzing noise”.

Engineer to AC technician: “Son, you don’t have to talk down to me. I have a Master’s in mechanical engineering and 30 years of experience. Now why wasn’t my air conditioner cooling?”         
Technician: “You had the thermostat switch set for heat, sir”.  

Customer: “Thank you for removing your shoes before you came in from the back yard as I requested. Are you all finished inside?”        
AC technician: “Yes Ma’am.”    
Customer: “But where are your shoes?”        
Technician: “Your dogs ate them.”    

Customer: “I’m buying my parents a new central air system. They want the loudest one you have.”
Salesman: “Why?”
Customer: “They’re deaf and they hate the neighbors”.

There’s a new thermostat that prevents unauthorized persons from changing the temperature settings.
You have to enter an access code to change the settings.
After 3 incorrect entries, it fires a Taser.

AC technician after seeing the AC condenser flattened by baseballs:
“It looks like you need a replacement catcher”.

Technician: “The good news is that a tornado didn’t take your 50 year old air conditioner away.
And ... that’s also the bad news.”

What’s big and fuzzy and uses a lot of electricity?
An air conditioner next to a dryer vent.

Technician: “How long has the AC not been working?”
Customer: “2 weeks.”
Technician: “Why did you wait 2 weeks to have it fixed?”
Customer: “My in-laws were here and were planning to stay for a month.”

Technician: (holding his nose) “You only have one return air grill in your house”.
Customer: “Is that a bad thing?”
Technician: “It is with the litter box sitting right by it.”

A customer’s new, computerized AC stops working. But each time the technician shows up, it works flawlessly.
The exasperated technician tells the customer:
“I had a car just like that. Every time I drove it past the junk yard, it ran just fine.”

They now have talking thermostats. One model says: “Not until you change the air filter”.
The Husband model says: “I’ll get around to it later”.
The Wife model says: “Not now. I have a headache”.
The Police model says: “STEP AWAY FROM THE THERMOSTAT!”
The Psychiatrist model says: “How long have you had the urge to keep changing the temperature?”

When we arrive at your door we want to be as helpful and positive as we can be. So we thought a good laugh can keep us in the correct frame of mind. As Abraham Lincoln said: “With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die.”

Of course, when your central heating and air conditioning system goes down, that’s no laughing matter. That’s the time to give us a call at (310) 651-6936 or use our online form to request a visit. We 100% guarantee your satisfaction. And that’s a promise you can’t laugh at! Here’s one more. A limerick for good measure.

It took me a little while
To find your AC Mr. Lyle
It looked like a mass
Of clippings of grass
Resembling a compost pile

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