What’s that Noise Coming from my AC?

There is something unsettling about strange noises coming from any of the appliances we may have in our home. You never think to yourself, “How nice, my _____ (fill in the blank) is gurgling, or grinding, or squealing.” No. Unusual noises are nearly always a foreboding indicator that there is problem rearing its ugly head. And with hot weather upon us, if the sounds are coming from your central air condition system, you want to nip that problem in the bud ASAP.

We’ve been giving tips on keeping your air condition system going with a helpful guide of simple steps to check if your AC isn’t working at all, and then what to do if it is running but not cooling all that well. Now GAMA Air will cover a few common problems that may come up while you are trying to keep cool.

My AC isn’t blowing air

If you can hear your AC running, but don’t feel any air coming out the vents, there could be a couple of issues. FIRST, check the air filter. We discussed this in a previous post but it is worth mentioning again. If your filter is clogged, air can’t pass through.

Next try looking at the coil inside the blower unit. Is it covered with ice? That would also prevent air from blowing. But it also means there is a more serious problem that a professional should look into.

If the filter is good, and the coil is clear, then check the blower motor. If you have an older model central air unit then you will probably have a fan belt from the motor to the fan. After turning the power off check to see if the belt is loose or cracked. Replacing it with the same kind will likely get you up and running.

If the motor is connected directly to the fan blade, then after turning off the power try spinning it. If it is stuck, or is difficult to move than the motor will have to be replaced.

My AC is dripping water

Water coming should always be draining out of a properly operating central cooling system, and in a hot and humid climate there could be several gallons a day. That water is being pulled out of the humidity of the air in your home, and dry air is more comfortable in the summer. So that water has to go somewhere. But if it is dripping inside your house then that’s a problem.

The water should be draining outside your house through a plastic pipe. If your fan coil (or air handler) is located above the ground level outside, then most likely the drain simply slopes down to the outside and gravity does the rest. If that pipe is clogged, then the water can’t get out. You can try putting a shop-vac on the outside end and sucking out whatever is clogging it. You might also check the connectors along the length of the pipe to make sure they are still glued together and not letting water drip out.

If your fan coil (or air handler) is installed below the ground level outside, then there has to be a pump to push the condensate water outside. These condensate pumps are not that big, about the size of a shoebox and should be located next to the fan coil. Make sure it is plugged in, and that the outlet is powered up. Inside the pan of the pump is a float switch that may be stuck. If you hear it running but it isn’t pumping water, the intake may be clogged, or the tube coming out of the pump may be clogged. Try clearing these to see if you can get it pumping again.

My AC is making strange noises

If the noises are coming from the unit outside, it may just be running as hard as it can on a really hot day. But if you are sure it hasn’t been making that sound before, then it would be best to call a professional to check it out. It may be the start of a more serious problem and the longer you ignore it, the worse the problem may become.

If the noises are coming from the unit inside your house, check the fan, air filter, and coil as we mentioned earlier.

We hope this helps. But if you need more help just give us a call here at (310) 651-6936 or use our online form to schedule a tune-up. We are standing by to help you keep your air conditioner running at full speed.

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