Do I Repair or Replace my AC?

When you know your home’s central cooling system is reliable and can keep you cool in the summer, that’s a good feeling. But if your air conditioner is getting up there in years, then it is becoming less efficient to operate and more expensive to fix when there are problems. There comes a time when the annual maintenance you’ve been doing to it just isn’t enough to keep your air conditioner in peak condition. Are you considering replacing it, but aren’t sure if repairing it may still be the best way to go? Here’s a list of four major factors to consider when you are at that “Repair or Replace” crossroads.

How old is your air conditioner?

Is your home’s central cooling system about 15 years old? Is it older than that? Like we mentioned in an earlier blog entry, most systems have a useable lifespan of about 15 years. If your AC has already celebrated its 15th anniversary, then going down the “Replace” path should be seriously considered.

How much are you paying on your energy bills?

Is it costing you more and more each year to keep your house comfortable? If your energy costs are rising each year but your usage pattern hasn’t changed very much, then that likely means the efficiency of your air conditioner is dropping drastically. Replacing your system with newer units that are designed based on higher energy efficiency standards will help you to cut down on your energy costs.

How often are you calling for repairs?

Does it seem like every summer, you’re calling your favorite service company to come and make another round of repairs to your unit? Maybe even several times a year? If your calls for help are getting more frequent, then you should seriously consider not going down the “Repair” path this time. Putting your money toward a new air conditioner would be a better use of your resources. This is especially true if your AC uses R22 refrigerant. Why? For the past few years the production and use of R22 has been more and more restricted and as of January 1st 2020, it will be completely prohibited. This means a system that uses newer refrigerants that are safer for the environment will be easier to maintain.

Is your house comfortable all summer long?

Do a quick check walking through your house. Does it feel warm in a certain area of the house, but cool in another? Are there rooms that feel very warm even though there are vents present? On those really hot days, does your AC just keep running non-stop? If your AC isn’t working well enough to keep the entire house comfortable, it is time to consider replacing it. A new cooling system that is properly installed will keep your entire home comfortable even on those peak days of summer heat.

So, how does your air conditioning rate? If it has even one of these four signs, we encourage you to call us today to talk about replacing your unit. We’ll help you to determine whether your unit is merely in need of a few repairs, or if it’s really time to retire it.

If you are certain that you just need a repair, then call GAMA Air at (310) 651-6936 or use our online form to schedule a visit. We offer competitive prices for service work and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

We know that the decision whether to replace or not is a hard one. However, at GAMA Air we want to provide our friends and neighbors in the Beverly Hills, Culver City, Mar Vista, Miracle Mile, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Bel Air, Westwood, Downtown Los Angeles, Vernon, Huntington Park, Sherman Oaks, Encino area with as much information as we can so you can make a good decision. If you are ready to get an estimate on replacing your system, we will provide that to you with no obligation. You can call us at (310) 651-6936, or use our online form to schedule a free consultation. But regardless of who you contact, be sure to choose a contractor you can trust.

Curious about something related to your cooling system? Visit our Ask an Expert page and let us know what’s on your mind.

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