Selecting the Right Contractor

Which Contractor Will Best Meet Your Needs

As a courtesy to our commercial customers, the "Which Contractor Will Best Meet Your Needs" questionnaire should be used prior to hiring any contractor you wish to have come onto your property to perform work. This questionnaire is designed to help you prevent unnecessary liability exposure when hiring trade companies. At GAMA Air we adhere to the highest quality standards and answer "YES" to each of these homeowner basic contracting requirements:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • System Replacements

    • Are you authorized to provide the equipment manufacturers recommended maintenance?

      Caution! 9 Out of 10 Systems Are Not Installed or Set Up Properly

      To assure equipment is back up running quickly, get proof of authorized dealer in writing!

    • Is any maintenance included?

      Caution! Manufacturer's Warranties Are Typically Voided if Not Maintained Properly per Manufacturer’s Instructions

      The only way to keep our equipment running properly is with regular maintenance! To schedule your maintenance or if you have questions regarding a maintenance contract contact us today!

    • Do you use DOE endorsed written installation, start-up, and warranty management procedures?

      Caution! 9 Out of 10 Installation Are Installed Incorrectly Wasting Energy

      Avoid this pitfall or worse defacing your property. Ask to see their installation procedures!

    • Will all work meet or exceed existing codes and will you be pulling a permit?

      Caution! Fire Due to Code Violation Can Void Your Insurance

      Avoid this liability exposure by requiring contractor to pull a job permit.

  • Compliance

    • Will you guarantee the price quoted will be the final price, even if you overlooked something?

      Caution! Getting Low Price Is Easy When a Contractor Misses Something

      Beware of a low initial price followed by a price increase after the work has started!

    • Have you been in business very long?

      Caution! 90% All Systems Installed Incorrectly

      Only an experienced contractor can install correctly - putting you in top error free 10%.

    • Do you have an office staff to handle potential customer care situations?

      Caution! Although Unlikely - Even the Best Installations Can Have an Error

      Who's going to respond to our questions, comments, concerns or complaints?

    • Will you remove my old equipment and all debris from the premises?

      Caution! 9 Out of 10 Contractors Do Not Itemize This in Their Scope of Work

      "Disposal fees" added on at the end of the job are a common "hidden charge."

    • Will you clean up at end of each day?

      Caution! Most Contractors Do Not Include a Daily Clean-up as Part of Job!

      There is no need to have your business use or beauty detracted from!

    • Do you run a criminal background check on your employees?

      Caution! 9 Out of 10 Contractors Do Not Perform Background Checks

      Don't be victimized! Many service people have a history of theft and other crimes.

    • Do you perform drug testing to screen your employees for hire?

      Caution! 9 Out of 10 Contractors Do Not Perform Drug Testing on New Hires

      Avoid negligence claims against you the building owner by requiring contractor to perform drug testing for all new hires!

    • Are your installers trained to use power tools and equipment in and around occupied spaces?

      Caution! 9 Out of 10 Contractors Do Not Have a Safety Training Program

      Avoid negligence claims against you the building owner by requiring contractor to provide copy of their safety program!

    • Are you insured to do this type of work?

      Caution! The Average Claim for Injury Related Death Is $1.6 Million

      Your homeowner's insurance may not cover an accident, injury or damage! Require < $1+ > Million!

    • Are you and your subcontractors licensed to do this type of work?

      Caution! Too Risky Not to Ask

      Your building owner's insurance does not cover work done by unlicensed contractors!